8 Great Reasons to Own an Outdoor Pizza Oven

If cooking up delicious homemade pizza pies under the sky while enjoying time with friends and family sounds great to you, then check out these reasons why this summer is the perfect time to invest in your very own pizza oven. 

Pizza enthusiasts.

Calling all pizza lovers! You just love pizza and can't get enough. You could eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, bring it on any time. Plain and simple. Do you want to create the perfect pizzas? Flavor your pizzas with every topping in existence? Get the best quality and taste imaginable, all from the comfort of your own home? Being the Pizza Chef let's you get creative and try endless recipes and express your individual tastes and preferences. Are you ready to be this Pizza Chef? Then you need an outdoor pizza oven. Look no further. You have found the perfect way to create your own little haven in the backyard of your home. Craft endless amounts of pizzas whenever you want. What sounds better than that? (We think nothing does.) 

Higher heat, More flavor.  

A pizza oven cooks at temperatures much higher than your regular kitchen oven. How your pizza is cooked plays a very important part in how your pizza tastes. When pizza is cooked at higher temperatures, we’re talking at least 600 degrees, the crust bakes quickly with a delicious airy crispness all through it. Wood-fired, gas-fired and dual-fuel pizza ovens all cook at high temperatures and do the job of delivering authentic Italian pizza. Italian-style pizza cooking temperatures range from 700 to 1000 degrees! A delicious Neapolitan style pizza cooks in just 60-90 seconds in a wood-fired oven with a dome temperature of approximately 900 degrees. The crust, wood-charred on the outside, remains chewy and moist on the inside. The cheese, a gooey golden brown bubbling goodness. Giving you the perfect pizza. A gas pizza oven will cook up crowd-pleasing pizza with a crisp base and perfectly cooked toppings, achieving the highest restaurant quality pizza. The secret is in the heat. Only a pizza oven can achieve this.

Bringing people together.

Pizza has been a favorite part of friends and family gatherings probably as long as its existence. Pizza makes every gathering a great one. But move over Dominos, because take-out pizza, as good as it’s served you before, pales in flavor to the possibilities of your own home-made creations in an authentic pizza oven. Rolling out fresh pizza dough, spreading your sauce of choice, pouring on the premium selections of cheese, and decorating your pizza with whatever toppings you please. The aroma of freshly baked dough is cripsing in the air while the laughter of your friends and family fills your backyard… what a picture that is. That’s Amore. Investing in a pizza oven could make this picture an every-day reality.  It adds a special touch to any gathering or event. Great for kid’s birthday parties, watching the big game, family reunions, neighborhood gatherings, celebrations, and much more. Have a creative night by customizing pizzas to fit each person's taste buds and name the creations on a menu. Grills are fun, and we love those too, but an outdoor pizza oven will name your backyard as the best spot on the block! 

Quick and convenient. 

Pizza is known for being a very satisfying, convenient food for busy individuals, families, and just anyone who wants a quick meal. Many people order-in their favorite pizza place once or twice a week and others rely on store bought frozen pizzas to do the trick. Most home ovens take at least 25 minutes to cook the pie, and it still tastes like grocery store pizza, and home delivery service can take up to an hour and sometimes we end up with cold pizza or the wrong toppings. Yes, we've grown accustomed to these inconveniences but do we need to settle for this? Solution? Fire up your own pizza oven and make as much as you want as often as you want! Having your own pizza oven means you can cook multiple pizzas at once and quickly feed your hungry family or guests! A gas-fired pizza oven is a great option for those who want a fast heat up, within 15 minutes or less.  Wood-fired pizza oven requires a bit of patience for the 30-45 heat up time, but once ready, ( approximately 700 degrees fahrenheit) cuts your cooking time down to 2-3 minutes each, depending on the thickness of the dough. You can cook a stack of made to order pies in the same time you'd wait for delivery of one pizza.

Endless cooking options. 

While the name is “pizza” oven, you can cook more than just pizza in your wood-fired or gas-fired oven. These versatile ovens really can cook endless types of foods. Anything you would cook in your regular oven can be cooked better and faster in a pizza oven. Think about it... bake bread, roast fish, meats and vegetables, simmer stews and much more.  Anything you put in your wood-fired pizza oven will create a flavor like no other dish you have cooked at home. Some ideas being, Italian pasta favorites, casseroles in stoneware, seafood, desserts, soups, and even whole turkeys/hams for the holidays. This is just a start. Investing in an outside oven gives you the option to enjoy a variety of delicious creations and share them with your friends, family, or significant other.

Thinking healthy.

Cooking over an open flame in a wood-fired oven cooks vegetables, and even your fruits, very quickly. Assisting them in retaining all the important nutrients and antioxidants they provide. Cooking whole foods in a fire or gas oven is a great way to keep your health in check. Many frozen pizzas contain processed ingredients that are harmful to your body. The nutrients our bodies require to maintain good health are affected when we eat processed food. Processing food strips away the vitamins and minerals from our food that our body needs to flourish. Most people choose to put processed food in their body because it is fast and inexpensive. However, if you want to maintain superior health, cooking whole fresh foods such as meats and vegetables in your outdoor oven is a great way to do so. Instead of intaking icky preservatives, cook whole foods such as meats and vegetables in your multi purpose outdoor oven. And for the pizza lovers who still want to be healthy, craft up a healthy pizza. You can do so using whole food ingredients, alternatives to cheese such as cashew cheese, thin crust, or even cauliflower crusted pizzas. The options are endless! 


Energy savings.

Looking to support a green lifestyle? Interested in cutting energy consumption? Using an outdoor wood-fired oven to cook is a great option. A wood-fired oven does not require any electricity or gas to operate and allows you to conserve energy and save money on that electric bill each month. Choosing to purchase a wood fired pizza oven will save energy and money in the long run. 


Save money. 

How many times a week do you eat out? How about a month? Statistically, the average person eats out about 5.9 times a week. This can get costly!  Going to dinner with your family or a group of friends can add up even more quickly. Cut back on the expenses of eating out by cooking at home for you and your family without sacrificing fun or flavor. Saving money by cooking for a group at home is made easier with an outdoor oven. The average person consumes 46 slices of pizza a year! Invest in your future and consider purchasing an outdoor pizza oven to cook your pizza and other meals in, instead of ordering out once a week or even dealing with the extra time it takes to cook your meal / pizza in your home kitchen. 

So MANY great reasons, right? No matter what reason speaks to you most, investing in an outdoor pizza oven will not disappoint. We offer a variety of wood-fired, gas-fired and dual-fuel pizza ovens, in different styles to fit your outdoor kitchen needs. Check them out and find the one that's right for you. Let us know what you think or if you need help making a selection. We’d love to hear from you. 


by Hailee Walker